How likely is the original three variable model a

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Unformatted text preview: better, but at least 100 times better than the original model does. Was the expedition necessary to rule out the original model, or did we know enough once we knew the three visitors were actually healthy, despite the tests? Circle one: Needed the Expedition Explain, stating any assumptions you need to make: 30 Ulric, Victor, and Wendy were enough Quiz 5, Problem 1, (40 points) You have made it. You have graduated, started a thriving company, found a spouse, got a home in the suburbs, children. Now it is time to get a dog. Knowing nothing about dogs yourself, you ask a dogloving, but inarticulate friend to characterize a series of dogs as Good or Bad. You hope to learn from your friend's characterizations. Your first task is to pick some descriptors. You decide to look at intelligence, breed, exceptional characteristics, and gender. Male and female form a set. Yes and no form a set. Breeds are the leaves of a tree and form groups specified by the American Kennel Club: Bouvier and Colli...
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