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Rost to investigate a strange new phenomenon it seems

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Unformatted text preview: est predict whether a particular snowman can be thus transformed are the snowman's height and the number of coal buttons on its chest. Their preliminary data is below: each “+” represents a magical talking snowman, and each “–” represents an ordinary, non-transforming snowman. A1 (5 points): You decide to use a linear SVM to classify magical vs. non-magical snowmen. Draw the resulting decision boundary in the graph above, and circle the support vectors. 24 A2 (10 points): In this SVM, what is the vector w and the constant b? A3 (10 points): Suppose the F.R.O.S.T. scientists discover another magical, talking snowman that is five feet tall and has six coal buttons on his chest. What would the α value of this new data point be? Justify your answer. 25 Part B: Kernels (25 Points) In this section, you will project the data below into a new space with ϕ(u) = < | x1 - x2 | >. That is, you project the two-dimensional vector u into a one-dimensional vector in a one-dimensional space. B1 (7 points): What is the kernel function K(u,v) for this transformation? 26 B3 (10 points): In the transformed spa...
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