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That is you project the two dimensional vector u into

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Unformatted text preview: ce, what is the vector w and the constant b? B2 (8 points): What is the final classifier produced. Express your answer in the original space, not the transformed space. 27 Quiz 4, Problem 2: Bayesian Inference (50 points) Zombies once again threaten the town, but this time the healthy folks are using science to help keep themselves on a brain-free diet! Z 0.1 ZR 0 0.02 1 0.99 R RT 0 0. 01 1 0. 98 When someone first becomes a zombie, their zombieness is latent for a while, as the transformation slowly progresses, but successful isolation at this stage is critical for avoiding new zombie infections. T New zombies quickly begin to produce a protein R that one can easily test for. One percent of infected individuals do not produce protein R (or perhaps just not yet), while protein R has been found in two percent of subjects who turned out not to have turned into zombies later,. The test is 98% sensitive to the presence of the protein, and 99% specific to it, as shown in the Bayes Net on the left. A (9 points) To make things a little simpler for the general population to understand, you want to give information in ter...
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