The test is 98 sensitive to the presence of the

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Unformatted text preview: ms of how sensitive and specific the test is to zombiehood, not to the protein: Show your work for partial credit: Z Z T 0 T 1 B (6 points) Of 100 townfolk, how many will test positive: C (6 points) ...and how many healthy ones will test positive: D (6 points) What is the overall accuracy of the test? (the probability that it predicts correctly) 28 E (5 points) A visitor, Ulric, was tested upon entering the town, and had a positive result. Ulric insists that he is healthy, and hasn't come anywhere near any zombies. To be sure, the guards decide to test him again. What assumption(s) are the guards making about the disease and the testing process? F (5 points) Victor and Wendy both arrive from Brainton, where Ulric came from too, and they both test positive, though they appear quite healthy. Ulric is doing fine in quarantine. The town scientists begin to consider two alternate hypotheses. Both of the alternate hypotheses allow being from Brainton (indicated with B) to explain away a positive test result. Both of the models extend the original threen...
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