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Unformatted text preview: decides to spend a semester abroad at MIT for her Muggle Studies class. Upon arriving, Hermione befriends the coolest people on campus. The 034 staff, over a festive round of Butter Beer, then teach Hermione about neural nets. She decides to practice. Note that the tear off sheets include the neural net tear-off sheet from Quiz 3. X wXA A wAD wYA -1 Y wYB B -100 Z wZC wBD wCD D 0 C -1 Hermione creates the above neural net. Each node uses a standard sigmoid function. All threshold units have fixed weights of 1. They are never updated. 21 Part A: (12 Points) For each node (A, B, C, and D), using only the weight variables provided in the diagram, d (desired output), and the outputs of each node (OA, OB, OC, and OD), determine δA, δB, δC, and δD. Part B: (12 Points) Hermione, as an intellectual exercise, runs the neural net with the following parameters: X=0.5 Y=0 Z=5 WXA = 2 WYA = 2 WYB = 1 WBD = 1.5 WZC = 0.2 WAD = 1 WCD = -1 Determine the output for each node (OA, OB, OC, and OD). Approximate sigmoid(x) very simply by letting it evaluate to 0 for x < -50 and 1 for x > 50. 22 Part C:...
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