Yuan olga 16 quiz 3 problem 1 knn id trees 50

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Unformatted text preview: during their frequent expeditions to explore strange new worlds, battle evil monsters, and attempt to rescue some princesses. Part A: Nearest Neighbors (20 Points) You decide to use Nearest Neighbors to classify new creatures that Mario might encounter, based on their positions on a map. In the map, friendly creatures are marked with a square, and enemies are marked with monster icons. A1 (12 points): On the following graph, draw the decision boundaries produced by 1-nearestneighbors. 17 A2 (8 points): The graph below shows two new creatures, marked with a question mark symbolsand labeled A and B. Show how these will be classified using 3-nearest-neighbors and 5-nearest-neighbors below. Creature A Using 3 NN: Using 5 NN: 18 Creature B Part B: ID-Trees (30 Points) It turns out that enemies move around the world, so a simple K-Nearest-Neighbors on their location won't do a very good job of protecting Mario. Instead, you decide to use an Identification Tree, based on some characteristics of the creatures in this world, to classify creatures as Enemies (E...
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