7 what is the final path found from the start s to

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Unformatted text preview: List the nodes at which you have to backtrack: Part B (15 points) Some streets have more traffic on them than others. Your friend who has lived in this city for a long time provides you with information about the traffic on each street - the streets are labeled with costs, in the form of how many minutes it will take you to traverse each one. 8 Using these given path costs, you are to find the lowest-cost path from S to T using branch-andbound with an extended list but with no distance heuristic. First draw the search tree. Number each node as it is expanded, from 1 to n. Now identify the shortest path: After you have found a path to T, which nodes must you still expand before you can be certain that you have found the shortest path to T? 9 Part C: (20 points) Now you are to use A* search, expecting to do less work as you find the lowest-cost path from S to T. That is, you are to use both an extended list and a distance heuristic. The distance metric is not straight line distance; instead use the numbers provid...
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