If no matching assertion is found the backward

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Unformatted text preview: chainer tries to find a rule with a matching consequent. In case none are found, then the backward chainer assumes the hypothesis is false. The backward chainer never alters the list of assertions, so it can derive the same result multiple times. Rules are tried in the order they appear. Antecedents are tried in the order they appear. Part A1 JK knows she would like Millicent to become friends with Hermione. To help her figure out what other assertions must be satisfied, draw the goal tree for the hypothesis: (Millicent becomes Hermione's friend) (Millicent becomes Hermione's friend) 3 Part A2 Now, determine the minimum number of additional assertions required for Millicent to become Hermione's friend and list those assertions. Include no assertion that matches the consequent of a rule. Part A3 Your solution to Part A2 creates an uncommon situation. What is that uncommon situation and if J. K. considers the situation to be a problem, what should she do to the list of assertions to solve the problem? Part B: More Backward Chaining (15 points) Now, perform...
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