Shes given you a set of rules and assertions and

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Unformatted text preview: assertions and would like your help with developing key plot points. Rules: P0: IF (AND('(?x) is ambitious', '(?x) is a squib') THEN '(?x) has a bad term') P1: IF ('(?x) lives in Gryffindor Tower') THEN ('(?x) is a protagonist') P2: IF (('(?x) lives in Slytherin dungeon') THEN ('(?x) is a villain'), '(?x) is ambitious)) P3: IF (AND(OR('(?x) is a protagonist', '(?x) is a villain'), '(?x) is ambitious') THEN ('(?x) studies a lot')) P4: IF (AND('(?x) studies a lot', '(?x) is a protagonist') THEN ('(?x) becomes Hermione's friend')) P5: IF (AND('(?x) snogs (?y)', '(?x) lives in Gryffindor Tower', '(?y) lives in Slytherin dungeon') THEN ('(?x) has a bad term')) Assertions: A0: (Millicent lives in Slytherin dungeon) A1: (Millicent is ambitious)) A2: (Seamus lives in Gryffindor Tower) A3: (Seamus snogs Millicent) 2 Part A: Backward Chaining (15 points) Make the following assumptions about backwards chaining: ● ● ● ● When working on a hypothesis, the backward chainer tries to find a matching assertion in the list of assertions. If no matching assertion is found, the backward...
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