The distance metric is not straight line distance

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Unformatted text preview: ed by an oracle and written immediately above or below each node. For example, the oracle tells you that the estimated distance from node C to the goal, node T, is 2. First draw the search tree. Number each node as it is expanded, from 1 to n. 10 Now, show the path you have found: If the path you found using A* is the same as the path you found in Part B, explain in detail why it must be the same; if the path is not the same, explain why your answers are different. 11 Other than this note, this page is blank. Use if for scratch work if you like. 12 This is a tear off sheet, with copies of drawings. You need not hand this page in. Part 1 Rules and assertions Rules: P0: IF (AND('(?x) is ambitious', '(?x) is a squib') THEN '(?x) has a bad term') P1: IF ('(?x) lives in Gryffindor Tower') THEN ('(?x) is a protagonist') P2: IF (('(?x) lives in Slytherin dungeon') THEN ('(?x) is a villain'), '(?x) is ambitious)) P3: IF (AND(OR('(?x) is a protagonist', '(?x) is a villain), '(?x) is ambitious') TH...
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