Assume the maximizer has the choice at node a part a

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Unformatted text preview: 1) Circle the move the maximizer should take at A B C D 2) What is the minimax value at Node A? 3) How many static evaluations are performed in your minimax search without alpha-beta pruning? 2 Part B (15 points) Using alpha-beta pruning on the same game tree, which nodes are statically evaluated? PART C (10 points) Steve is thinking of writing a program for Alpha Beta Cold War and tries to remember why it is good to use progressive deepening. “I know I may pay a little bit of cost to evaluate each level progressively,” Steve reasons, “But let’s ignore that. When it comes to performing alpha-beta on the final level, I’m guaranteed to always prune at least as well or better if I rearrange the nodes based on the results of my progressive deepening, right?” Is Steve right? If so, briefly explain why you have this guarantee. If not, briefly explain why not. Part D (10 points) Alex is worried about whether the 6.034 claims about minmax time really apply to program for the game. “In my program, the static values take time S to compute,...
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