3 explain your reasoning in less than 4 meaningful

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Unformatted text preview: sentences or give a short proof. Part B1: Digging Progressively Deeper (10 points) You decide to put your 6.034 knowledge to good use by entering an adversarial programming contest. In this contest, one player (your opponent) is tasked with optimizing the running time of alpha beta search with progressive deepening. Your goal, as her adversary, is to slow down her algorithm. Remembering a key insight from 6.034: node order affects the amount of alpha-beta pruning, you decide to do the exact opposite: you decide to reorder your opponent's search tree so as to eliminate alpha beta pruning. To practice, you perform your anti-optimization on the following tree. MAX MIN MAX MIN 4 Reorder the nodes of the tree at every level such that alpha-beta search does no pruning. You may only reorder nodes (you cannot reattach a node to a different parent). Show your reordered tree below: 5 Part B2 (5 points) For the tree given below (not the same tree as in B1), perform alpha beta search. Do your work on the tree as given; do no reordering. List the l...
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