After talking to some students who are planning to

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Unformatted text preview: ion, you determine that they fall into certain groups, each of which wants to be able to see some subset of the timetraveling speakers. (Fortunately, each student identifies with at most one of the groups.) You write down everything you know: The list of guest lecturers consists of Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Niels Bohr, Marie Curie, Socrates, Pythagoras, and Isaac Newton. 1) Turing has to get home early to help win World War II, so he can only be assigned to the 1pm slot. 2) The Course VIII students want to see the physicists: Bohr, Curie, and Newton. 3) The Course XVIII students want to see the mathematicians: Lovelace, Pythagoras, and Newton. 4) The members of the Ancient Greece Club wants to see the ancient Greeks: Socrates and Pythagoras. 5) The visiting Wellesley students want to see the female speakers: Lovelace and Curie. 6) The CME students want to see the British speakers: Turing, Lovelace, and Newton. 7) Finally, you decide that you will be happy if and only if you get to see b...
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