Do your work on the tree as given do no reordering

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Unformatted text preview: eaf nodes (letter) in the order that they are statically evaluated in the box below the tree. MAX MIN MAX MIN 6 Part B3 (10 points) Now, you are to repeat your alpha beta search, but this time with initial values for alpha = 2 and beta = 7. List, in the box below the tree, the leaf nodes in the order that they are statically evaluated, given initial alpha = 2, and beta = 7, MAX MIN MAX MIN What is the best move according to the search with alpha = 2 and beta = 7? 7 Problem 2: Time Travelers' Convention (50 points) The MIT Time Travel Society (MITTTS) has invited seven famous historical figures to each give a lecture at the annual MITTTS convention, and you've been asked to create a schedule for them. Unfortunately, there are only four time slots available, and you discover that there are some restrictions on how you can schedule the lectures and keep all the convention attendees happy. For instance, physics students will be disappointed if you schedule Niels Bohr and Isaac Newton to speak during the same time slot, because those students were hoping to attend both of those lectures. After talking to some students who are planning to attend this year's convent...
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