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Unformatted text preview: rather than wait and see just how much backtracking you'll have to do, you decide to start over and use depth-first search with forward checking (constraint propagation through domains reduced to size 1). As before, your tiebreaker is to assign the earliest available time slot. T 1 L B C S P N 11 What is the final lecture schedule you hand in to MITTTS? 1 pm: 2 pm: 3 pm: 4 pm: Part D (10 points) Now, rather than backtracking, you're concerned about the amount of time it takes to keep track of all those domains and propagate constraints through them. You decide that the problem lies in the ordering of the guest list. Just then, you get a call from the MITTTS president, who informs you that Alan Turing's schedule has opened up and he is now free to speak during any one of the four time slots. Armed with this new information, you reorder the guest list to maximize your chances of quickly finding a solution. In particular, which lecturer do you now assign a time slot to first, and why? 12 Tear off sheet...
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