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Unformatted text preview: produced by search from static values lower down is better than a static value or a value produced by a less-deep search. Assume reordering takes zero time. Assume that the static values calculated are those shown in the diagram. You are to show us what work would be done by the maximizer at AA during the 5 seconds available to move. C1 The tree (4 points) Draw the reordered tree of evaluated nodes. C2 Evaluations (4 points) How many nodes were statically evaluated during the 5 seconds available to the maximizer at AA. In which order were they evaluated? # Evals __________ Nodes: __________________ C3 Move (2 points) What move is chosen as the best during the available 5 seconds? What is the deepest node that we are trying to move toward? Use all the static evaluation values that the maximizer is able to calculate to make your decision. AA-->__________ 7 Moving Toward: __________ Problem 2: Constraint Propagation(50 points) Two of your TA's, Martin and Kenny were given the task of putting together two 20x10, 200 piece jigsaw puzzles. Unfortunately, a child has painted all the pieces black. The following shapes are representative of the shapes of interior pieces (thus, the shapes shown are not all of the shapes involved). Note that each side of the interior pieces has a concavity or a protrusion. In spite of our limited drawing skills, there is just one protrusion shape and one concavity shape, so any protrusion will fit into any concavity. Edge pieces are like interior pieces except t...
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