02 he begins by learning how to classify minerals as

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Unformatted text preview: ssify minerals as sedimentary or metamorphic. He decides to take advantage techniques he learned in 6.034. Johnathan has a data set of eight minerals classified as either sedimentary or metamorphic, with the following characteristics: Sample # M ineral Hardness Density Grainsize 1 Sedimentary 3 4 huge 2 Sedimentary 2 3 normal 3 Sedimentary 4 3 huge 4 Sedimentary 4 2 huge 5 Metamorphic 2 5 tiny 6 Metamorphic 3 2 normal 7 Metamorphic 4 5 tiny 8 Metamorphic 5 3 tiny He wants to classify these two minerals: Sample M ineral Hardness Density Grainsize A ? 2 1 huge B ? 4 1 tiny 2 Part A: Nearest Neighbors (25 points) Johnathan decides to try using Nearest Neighbors to classify minerals A and B. To make it easier, he only uses the first two characteristics: hardness and density. Part A1 (17 points) On the following graph, draw the decision boundaries produced by 1-Nearest Neig...
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