Part a1 17 points on the following graph draw the

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Unformatted text preview: hbor. Ignore Samples A and B. 6 M M 5 S Density 4 S S M 3 M S 2 A B 1 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Hardness 3 Part A2 (8 points) How is Sample A classified by 1-NN? By 3-NN? How is Sample B classified by 1-NN? By 3-NN? 4 Part B: Identification Trees (25 points) Nora is not pleased by the results of Johnathan's work with Nearest Neighbors and so decides to use Identification Trees to classify Samples A and B. She decides to consider all three characteristics; hardness, density, and grainsize. Part B1 (12 points) Nora picks tests to use so as to minimize disorder. For the top of the tree, she considers the following three tests: TEST 1 Hardness > 3.5 TEST 2 Density > 4.5 TEST 3 Grainsize is huge, normal, or tiny Which test is best among the three tests listed? What is the disorder of the test you have selected? You may leave your answer in terms of logarithms. 5 Part B2 (9 points) Draw the complet...
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