What is the disorder of the test you have selected

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Unformatted text preview: e ID-Tree, beginning with the test Nora has selected from the three tests she considers, that will correctly classify each Sample 1-8. You can use the grain-size test or any test of the form Density > a threshold or any test of the form Hardness > a threshold. Select tests that minimize disorder. Part B3 (4 points) How does you ID-Tree classify Sample A? Sample B? 6 Problem 2: Neural Nets (50 points) Part A (12 points) Lyla wants to train a neural net, but she has forgotten what the sigmoid function is. “Oh well,” she says to herself, “it probably wasn't important anyway.” She sets up a neural net where the nodes are not sigmoid functions; they are simply adders. Each node simply adds up its weighted inputs and outputs the sum, so output = weighted sum of inputs instead of output= σ(weighted sum of inputs). The derivative of the adder's output with respect to the weighted sum of the inputs is 1 everywhere. output weighted sum of inputs...
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