4 b1 13 pts shauns girlfriend liz suggests building a

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Unformatted text preview: ding a wall at y=1.5. Compute the disorder at this decision boundary. Leave your answer only in terms of integers, fractions, arithmetic operations, and logarithms. Shaun's flatmate Pete loudly insists that, instead, a wall should be built at x=-4. Compute the disorder at this boundary. Whose idea is better, according to the heuristic described in class? (circle one) Liz's Pete's 5 B2. (12 pts) On the diagram above, draw the decision boundaries Shaun would produce using the identification tree algorithm. In case two decision boundaries are equally good, use the horizontal one. If there is still a tie, use the one with the lower-valued threshold. You will not need a calculator to solve this problem. B3. (10 pts) Shaun realizes that building all these walls is going to take a long time. In order to find out whether he can build a smaller number of walls instead, he decides to convert his data into polar coordinates. Sketch the 12 points from the previous graph on the polar graph below (making sure they still show the + and - labels). Show the decision boundaries produced by the identificatio...
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