He decides to check it on some labeled zombie data

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Unformatted text preview: data from a neighboring town. In the graph below, zombies are labeled Z, and healthy people are labeled H. 3 Describe, in a sentence or two, what happens to the accuracy of k-nearest neighbors as k increases from 1 to 26 (the total number of samples). Part B: ID Trees (35 pts) Shaun quickly realizes that he will not be able to recover all the zombie infection information from the data he is given. Fortunately, Shaun's best friend Ed, who was in the middle of a reconnaissance mission in the town, managed to send in a bit more data before he was bitten. Shaun overlays the locations of the known zombies (marked with a +) and known healthy people (marked with a -) on a grid representing the town. (The zombies are currently not biting anyone, so you can trust the points not to change over time.) The JIC has tasked Shaun with figuring out where to build a series of walls separating the healthy people from the zombies. The walls will be built along the decision boundaries created by the identification tree algorithm. 4 B1. (13 pts) Shaun's girlfriend Liz suggests buil...
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