In the graph below the circles correspond to observed

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Unformatted text preview: correspond to observed people, but their labels, "zombie" or "healthy", were lost during the initial investigation. The square points represent people who still need to be classified (they are not themselves used to classify any other points). Shaun is also given the table below, showing how the square points would have been classified using 1and 3-nearest neighbors before the labels were lost. Given the map and the table below, Shaun needs to recover the original labels. Square point Using 1-nearest-neighbors Using 3-nearest-neighbors 1 zombie zombie 2 healthy zombie 3 healthy healthy 4 ? ? 2 A1: Write down whether the following specimens are zombies (Z), healthy (H), or if it's unknown (U). Circle A: ________ Circle B: ________ Circle C: ________ Circle D: ________ Circle E: ________ Circle F: ________ Circle G: ________ Circle H: ________ Circle I: ________ Circle J: ________ A2: How would point 4 be classified? (Again, choose Z, H, or U) Using 1-nearest neighbor: ________ Using 3-nearest neighbors: ________ A3: Shaun is wondering whether this k-nearest-neighbor algorithm is really reliable. He decides to check it on some labeled zombie...
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