For each graph you should do the following three

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Unformatted text preview: o the following three things: (a) Circle the support vectors (b) Draw the “street” produced by the SVM, with solid lines where the classifier outputs 1 or -1 and a dashed line where the classifier outputs 0 (c) Describe the classifier function h(x) = w·x + b, by giving the values of w and b Graph #1 w = b = 2 Graph #2 w= b= Graph #3 w = b= 3 Part B (20 points) Susan Q. Randomstudent is frustrated by the data she is supposed to classify with a support vector machine. It's all on the same line, defined only by an x-coordinate, and it switches back and forth from clusters of + points to clusters of – points several times, so it's not at all linearly separable. Eventually, though, she figures out a kernel function that she can use to separate the data: K(x1, x2) = cos π π π π x 1 cos x 2 sin x 1 sin x 2 4 4 4 4 1. What is the Ф function that projects x into the new space defined by this kernel? (The function should take i...
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