The function should take in x and output a vector

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Unformatted text preview: n x and output a vector with two components.) Ф(x) = 2. On the grid below, draw the + and – points in the new space, and draw the “street” that linearly separates them. 4 Problem 2: Boosting (50 points) Prof. Winston wants you to study the link between sleep, coffee, and 6.034 quiz grades. He gathered 6 data points from the previous quiz for you: You decide to encode “Grade = 5” as +1, and “Grade < 5” as -1. For this entire problem, consider only horizontal and vertical classifier stumps halfway between two data points, e.g. h(c,s) = sign(c - 2.5) or h(c,s) = sign(2 – s). You may also use h(c,s) = +1 and h(c,s) = -1. In case of ties: prefer stumps involving s (horizontal) over stumps involving c (vertical), and prefer lower thresholds (s < 1.5) over higher (s < 2.5). Blanket classifiers h(c,s) = +1 and h(c,s) = -1 come last. 5 Part A (30 points) Use Adaboost for 3 rounds. First update the weights using the results of the previous round, find the best stump h(c,s) and its error...
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