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Unformatted text preview: meric answer. from the network. A4 (6 points): What is the probability of seeing a Zombie? P(Z=T) probabilities read 3 from the network. You need not Give an expression in terms of You need not compute a final numeric answer. A5 (8 points): What is the probability of a Viral outbreak if you see a Zombie? P(V=T | Z=T): Give an expression in terms of probabilities read from the network and/or probability computed from a previous questions. You need not compute a final numeric answer. A6 (6 points): Write inequalities to give an ordering to these probabilities from smallest to largest P(V=T | Z = T), P(V=T | Z=T, M=F), P(V=T | Z=T, M=T). 4 Part B: Naïve Bayes (19 Points) You decide to create a Naïve Bayes classifier to distinguish Zombies from MIT students. You survey Zombies and Healthy MIT students based on the following true and false questions: W – Do you wear tattered clothes? S – Do you get very little sleep? N – Do you often venture out at night? B – Do you enjoy a healthy diet of human brains? Your survey returned the following data set: W = True S = True N = True B = True # surveyed Zombie 6 8 9 9 10 Non-Zombie 10 15 12 1 20 B1 (9 points): Draw the Bayes net (with all CPT tables filled in) for your Naïve Bayes Classifier. 5 B2 (10 points): You decide to test your classifier on Eric. He has the following characteristic: He is a night owl (likes to go out late into the night). He wears old and tattered clothes, and because of his classes he gets very little sleep. He admits liking the occasional Kidney Pie, but he would never ever eat human brains. What is Eric according to your classifier? (Circle one) Healthy Zombie Can't be determined To get full credit, you must show your calculations: 6 Question 2: Boosting (50 Points) After graduating MIT, you get a job working for Van Helsing and Summers, a famous vampire hunter consulting agency. Gabriel Van Helsing, one of the two founders, once attended several 6.034 lectures as a guest, and h...
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