For each of the following indicate yes or no whether

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Unformatted text preview: YES or NO whether the kernel can be used to perfectly classify the test points, and if YES sketch the decision boundaries and gutters (the street) such a classifier might produce and circle which data points are support vectors. Note that because of symmetry, more than one answer may be possible for one or more cases. K , =⋅ u v uv YES NO 2 K , =⋅ 1 uv uv YES K , = e uv YES NO −∣ −∣2 / 2 uv NO 5 Problem 2: Boosting (50 points) After wearing Sauron's ring for several months, Frodo is rapidly losing his sanity. He fears that the ring will interfere with his better judgement and betray him to an enemy. To ensure that he doesn't put his trust into enemy hands, he flees Middle Earth in search of a way to classify his enemies from his friends. In his travels he had heard rumors o...
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