In his travels he had heard rumors of the magic of

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Unformatted text preview: f the magic of Artificial Intelligence and has decided to hire you to build him a classifier, which will correctly differentiate between his friends and his enemies. Below is all of the information Frodo remembers about the people back in Middle Earth. ID Name Friend Species Has Magic Part of the Fellowship Has/Had a Length of ring of power hair (feet) 1 Gandalf Yes Wizard Yes Yes No 2 2 Sarumon No Wizard Yes No No 2.5 3 Sauron No Wizard Yes No Yes 0 4 Legolas Yes Elf Yes Yes No 2 5 Tree-Beard Yes Ent No No No 0 6 Sam Yes Hobbit No Yes No 0.25 7 Elrond Yes Elf Yes No Yes 2 8 Gollum No Hobbit No No Yes 1 9 Aragorn Yes Man No Yes No 0.75 10 Witch-king No of Angmar Man Yes No Yes 2.5 6 Part A: Picking Classifiers (10 points) A1 (6 points) The data h...
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