Dr. Focs Midterm 1

Answer 7 sodium hydride cannot be used as a reagent in

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Unformatted text preview: in water. Show how sodium hydride reacts with water. (8) Show the staggered and eclipsed conformations of ethane using Newman projections: Staggered Eclipsed CHM1321 (9) Practice Midterm 1 4 Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing acidity: CH3 A O OH B OH C Answer: _________________________________ (10) If two molecules have the same molecular formula but are different structures, they are called _________________________________________________________. (11) Draw TWO structures, each having two sp-hybridized carbon atoms, with the molecular formula C4H6O. CHM1321 Practice Midterm 1 (12) Draw structural representations showing clearly the shape (i.e. linear, planar, tetrahedral) and hybridization of the central atom (in bold) for each of the following: A) CH3CHO B) •CH3 Answer: (13) Write an arrow showing the dipole direction in: (a) ClC(CH3)3 (b) H2O (use conventional arrows to indicate dipoles) (14) What is the Pauli exclusion principle? (max. 25 words) 5 CHM1321 Practice Midterm 1 6 (15) Identify the following en...
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