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Unformatted text preview: ergies with the properties indicated 4 or (same) 60 100 kcal/mol 17 250 418 kJ/mol (if you prefer kJ units) A) C-H bond energy B) Rotation around a double bond (or strength of a double bond) C) Rotation of single bonds Answer : (16) Complete the name of the functional groups: Example: from methane (CH4) we get CH3 = methyl From ethane (C2H6) we get C2H5 = From benzene (C6H6) we get C6H5 = (17) Use arrows to show examples of homolytic and heterolytic bond cleavages. Make sure to indicate which is which. CHM1321 Practice Midterm 1 7 (18) Write one example of a molecule where the atoms forming it have different electronegativity, yet the dipole moment of the molecule is zero. (19) The atomic number of nitrogen is 7 (seven). How many VALENCE electrons does it have? Answer: (just insert the number, no words please) (20) Write the conjugate acid AND the conjugate base of HSO – 4 Make sure to indicate which is which. Answer: BONUS (21) Write an example of an organic molecule containing the AMIDE functional gro...
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