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Chapter 4_MGT422_SP11 (2)

Cover page 2 table of contents 3 executive summary 4

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Unformatted text preview: Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Executive Summary 4. Description of the Business Opportunity (part 4a and 4b) 5. Description of the Industry and Competition 6. Description of the Target Market 7. Marketing Plan 8. R & D (if applicable) and Legal actions taken to protect technology 9. Firm Founding Location 10. Management 11. Financials and Payback/Exit Strategy 12. Critical risks 13. Milestone Schedule 14. Appendices Cover Page & Table of Contents Cover Part 1: Cover page should include: Name of the company Address Phone Number Date Contact information for the lead entrepreneur Part 2: Table of contents includes the page number to which the Business Plan sections correspond correspond Part 3: Executive Summary Part Should be completed LAST Short overview (1-2 pages) of entire business plan; provides Short everything need to known about venture’s distinctive nature everything Sometimes investors ask for executive summary and then full business Sometimes plan only if executive summary is sufficiently convincing plan Generally includes brief overview of: Generally overview Opportunity Industry/Competitors Target Market Management Team Financials Exit Strategy Critical Risks Part 4a: Description of the Business (1 of 2) Part Introduce the business by describing Introduce The opportunity (general description of the product/service offering): Paper thin The opportunity solar panels solar The problem/need addressed (what consumer need are you addressing): Traditional The problem/need solar panels are too heavy and too fragile for many uses solar How the business addresses the problem/need (how does this business address the consumer need): Developed solar panels that are the consistency of film. Thus, they are light weight and can be applied used for nearly any application they Include a brief history of the firm: Include brief How the business came to being and its current status current The company’s mission: The mission The purpose of the business is and what criteria The should be used to measure performance Explain the firm’s competitive advantage: Explain competitive Describe how this ventures’ Describe offerings are different/better than existing, analogous, offerings offerings Part 4b: Description of the Business (2 of 2) Part A brief description of the brief business model (e.g., the logic behind the operations business of the...
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