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When on a firms website look for a link that says

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Unformatted text preview: relations”, “about the company”, or “company information” relations”, Will direct you to internal firm publications (as long as it is a public company) Part 7: Marketing Plan Part Describe how you plan to create awareness about your Describe business. Discuss the four P’s of marketing: business. Person: Who you are targeting—this is covered in the target market Who description description Pricing: How are your offerings going to be priced? How does this How compare to competitors? If it is significantly different, why? compare Promotion: How are you going to generate awareness about your How business? What types of advertising, promotions, etc. are you going to use and why? use Placement: How are you distributing your product (e.g., where/how to How do customer physically purchase your product?). Internet? Retail store? Other direct sales? Catalogs? Sales teams? Discuss why you chose this/these distribution channels. Part 8: Research & Development Part This section is particularly important for technologically This sophisticated products sophisticated Discuss the technical details of the product Discuss technical Discuss the current status of the design (e.g., prototype stage) Discuss current For tech-intense offerings, investors really like to see For prototypes prototypes progress on Provide details as to what has been accomplished and what is Provide accomplished accomplished Discuss time and financial implications for future Discuss time yet to be prototype development and R&D—be sure to clarify how estimates were developed developed Part 8 (cont’d): Legal Concerns Part Another very important section for firms where IP is Another relevant (can alternatively be covered in the management description) management Investors are very concerned about how firms will protect their Investors rights to their developments rights Discuss the status of intellectual property (IP) protection Discuss status Have you secured a patent attorney? Have If so, discuss who they are and what the status of the patent is. what...
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