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Chapter 4_MGT422_SP11 (2)

G about one hour the investor will generally ask the

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Unformatted text preview: by investor(s) Presentation should be smooth and well rehearsed Be sure to create PPT slides that will fit the time slot allocated (e.g., if given Be 30-minutes for presentation, make sure it’s no longer than 30 minutes) 30-minutes Slides should be sharp and not cluttered with material If still interested after initial meeting/presentation, the firm will be If asked back for another meeting Presenting the Business Plan to Investors Presenting Most important issues to cover in PPT presentation 1. The Company: 1-slide; overview of company and target market 2. Opportunity (problem solved/need fulfilled): 2-3 slides; this is the “heart” of the presentation the 3. Solution: 1-2 slides; explain how problem solved/need fulfilled 4. Management Team Strength: 1-2 slides; briefly explain each manager’s 1-2 qualifications qualifications 5. Intellectual Property (IP): 1-slide; what IP firm owns or that is pending 6. Industry, Target Market (TM), Competition: 2-3 slides; briefly review the 2-3 industry, its TM, and direct/indirect competitors; explain how the firm will compete against established firms compete 7. Financials: 2-3 slides; briefly discuss the financials; stress when firm will 2-3 achieve profitability; how much capital to get to profitability; when expect to break even. break 8. Offering, Payback, and Exit Strategy: 1-slide; discuss how much money 1-slide; requested and anticipated exit strategy requested...
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