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TESTmorning solutions.F06 - TEST 1 Fall 2006 Morning...

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Unformatted text preview: TEST 1 Fall 2006 Morning PROBLEM I (20 points) Outcome 2 A vessel having a volume of 1 m3 contains 4.0 kg of a liquid propane and propane vapor mixture in equilibrium at a pressure of320 psia. Calculate a) The volume and mass ofliquid b) The volume and mass of vapor PROBLEM 2 (30 points) Outcome 2 A 1 m3 rigid tank with air at 1 MPa, 12? 0C is connected to an air line as shown in the attached figure. The valve is opened and air flows into the tank until the pressure reaches 5 MPa, at which point the valve is closed and the temperature inside is 17'? "C. a) What is the mass of air in the tank before and after the process? b) The tank eventually cools to room temperature, 27 0C. What is the pressure inside the tank then? Air line Tank PROBLEM 3 (30 points) Outcome 2 A sealed rigid vessel of2 m3 contains a mixture of liquid and vapor of propane at 20 “C. If the mixture is heated to 60 “C, the liquid phase just disappears. Find the, a) pressure at 20 "C b) final quality c) initial mass ofthc liquid in the vessel ff / MAM/5 flmgéwg 14m} - 09"A’f/gi 3,? 5/5,: M M: 4W“ i; 415% 6 Wm” - /7// fl (mi/50m? : _ 4' M ’(W mam? ,4: ~<’ 1%," mm: mm 72/ =- Mir/Q” [iafiyjf/j : ’ flZ‘gz-Qfi3/g[mj /33§M We : KZBéKZflFy:3£?fl¢/éflfi W/élla/Qifl/W (é; 3352,Zr,g%= 3‘33fl% ...
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