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71828 is the base of the natural log is the

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Unformatted text preview: on of Normal distribution (Normal pdf ) is defined by (x−µ)2 1 f (x) = √ e− 2 2 , 2⇡ where is the population standard deviation; ⇡ = 3.1415926; e = 2.71828 is the base of the natural log; µ is the population mean. Remark. Notice that two parameters, µ and uniquely defines the distribution. Assuming the underlying distribution is Normal with mean µ and standard deviation , then given any value x, the pdf gives the density of distribution at the outcome x. By calculating the area below the pdf, we can find the probability of di↵erent events. To see a more visual demonstration, go to http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/search. html?query=Normal%20distribution. 29 EC 271 3.2.2 Applied Statistical Methods: Lecture Notes (Leshui He) 2014 Putting the PDF to Work: Standard Normal Distribution Definition. The standard normal distribution is the the normal distribution with mean µ = 0 and standard deviation = 1. Mathematicians have cal...
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