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Unformatted text preview: ciate new technology development with Synthes Synthes • Upcoming spine surgeons look favorably upon Synthes Spine Spine: Tier 2 High volume spine surgeons Business Dimension Products Services Customers Customers Channels End users Complementors Unique Competencies Tier 2: High volume spine surgeons • Catalog Products • Custom Devices • New Technology Developments • Educational Courses to occasionally teach and to attend • Fellowship Support • Research Support • Test Markets • Clinical Documentation • Outcome Studies • Specialty Study Groups • Sales Management • Senior Spine Management • AO Spine • Product Development Involvement • Professional Services • Local Sales Consultant Surgeon AO Foundation, MTF, Societies, Trauma, CMF, HCOL, Business Dynamics Dynamics • Principles Over Product • Local Clinical Expertise • High Quality Educational Offerings Spine: Tier 2 High volume spine surgeons Value Proposition Value Customer Tier 2 High volume spine surgeons • Association with Synthes Spine that feels special Set of experiences we will • Sense of affiliation between Surgeon, AO Spine and Synthes Spine • Feels company listens to ideas provide to the tier provide • Involvement with new technologies technol Set of value delivery Set systems needed to systems provide the experiences provide Value appropriation • Outcomes/Database Service and Financial Support • Product Think Tanks / Development Groups • Educational courses and symposiums • Remuneration for Services Rendered / IP • High attention from local sales consultant • Visits from senior sales management Value gained by the customer • Recognized by AO Spine and Synthes Spine • Ego reward of being valued by company Value gained by us • High volume surgeon likely to use many of our products • Protects business from competition • Builds brand loyalty to Synthes Spine Recent Trends for Synthes in Customer Recent Segments Buyers: • Individual hospitals & small hospital groups • Large hospital networks (e.g. Kaiser) • Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) Trends: • Consultants, accounting systems and agents increase price transparency transparency • More salaried doctors working for hospitals vs. per case surgeon entrepreneurs decreases surgeon decision making power power • Electronic marketplaces starting to gain critical mass Synthes Philosophy: Synthes • Preservation of direct customer relationship • No membership in value added networks (e.g. GHX, Novation) Lessons from Customer Segmentation Lessons z The customers’ behaviors and buying practices often provide relevant criteria for segmentation. relevant z This allows you to detect the special needs of each customer tier, which are translated into specific value propositions. tier, z Your segmentation does not need to be limited to the actual customer (the one who pays). It might also include relevant customer complementors. complementors...
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