Loyal because heshe is convinced of superiority of

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Unformatted text preview: tions – Active as scientific speaker • Independent! • Loyal because he/she is convinced of superiority of products • Respected by hospital administration • Key decision maker regarding implant suppliers (2) Non-User (high volume) (3) Young High Potential • Bond to competition • For reasons of: – Strict budget control – Clinical practice/teaching schools • Using high volume of implants • • • • Innovative Ambitious; Go beyond daily business Interested in research & publication Looking for recognition from: – Opinion leaders/professors – Peers – Industry (financial sponsoring) • Need to have a “godfather” godfather” • Preparing/Learning to be a spet • Looking for R&D support (financial, implants, etc.) Trauma Customer Segmentation Customer Tier (4) Buyer Groups Description • Negotiating body for a group of hospitals • An organization designed to increase the purchasing power of hospitals and to optimize purchasing and administration costs for hospitals • The one paying the bill • Focus on bundling (products, logistics, tenders) (5) “Massmarket” Surgeon • • • • High volume Synthes makes high turnover with them Broad range of procedures Mostly large public hospitals (6) Low Volume & Local Hospital • • • Community hospital Use commodities/standard products Buy single items from all products (7) Patient (undergoing elective surgery) • E.g., Education of projected end users How do we bond with these different customers? Trauma: Tier 1 Prof. / Opinion-leaders Business Dimension Products Tier 1: Professors / opinion-leaders Full range, pioneer products Customers • Facilitate education, provide and support access to AO • Support for R&D (financial, implants, documentation & engineering) engineering) • ~ 250 Channels Direct End users End Complementors Polytrauma and high degree of complication Services Unique Competencies Unique - Sales consultant and sales manager relationship - Project leaders (Product manager & engineer, top management) management) - Support CEO, Senior Mgmt (occasionally) • AO Network AO - grants/fellowships - AO International education (table instructor) - AO publishing • Powertool business • Access to reference hospitals • Software provider (documentation, digital services) • ORP staff • Scientific publications • High end products • Development and engineering capability • Techni...
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