Usually work with competition working in private or

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Unformatted text preview: ntial Surgeons (4) Part Time Spine Surgeons Description • • • • Host Site for Spine Fellowships Publish Clinical Papers Usually Based in Academic Centers High Profile in Spine Community through educational seminars, society meetings, etc. • Usually work with competition • Working in private or university practice • • • • • Completed Spine Fellowships Use more than $500,000 of implants Based in spine centers Usually in private practice Generally well compensated Likely To Become High Volume or Thought Leader • Doing Spine Fellowship or relatively new to spine practice • Rarely in Residency < 50% Volume is Spine Spine: Tier 1 Surgeon Thought Leaders Business Dimension Products Services Tier 1: Surgeon Thought Leaders • Catalog Products • Custom Devices • New Technology Developments • Educational Courses as faculty `and to send others to attend • Fellowship Support • Research Support • Test Markets • Clinical Documentation • Outcome Studies • Specialty Study Groups Customers Customers See separate attachment Channels • Sales Management • Senior Spine Management • AO Spine • Product Development Involvement • Professional Services • Local Sales Consultant End users Complementors Surgeon Unique Competencies AO Foundation, MTF, Societies, Trauma, CMF, HCOL, Business Dynamics, Study Groups Dynamics, • Principles Over Product • Local Clinical Expertise • High Quality Educational Offerings Spine: Tier 1 Surgeon Thought Leaders Customer Tier 1 Surgeon Thought Surgeon Leader Value Proposition • An association that feels new and special • Sense of community between many surgeons with each other and with with Set of experiences we will AO Spine and Synthes Spine AO • Influence on Product Development provide to the tier provide • Involvement with new technologies technol • A reliable partner to support their spine programs • Fellowship Association and Financial Support • Outcomes/Database Service and Financial Support Set of value delivery • Product Think Tanks / Development Groups • Educational courses and symposiums systems needed to systems • “New AO Spine” Spine” provide the experiences provide • Remuneration for Services Rendered / IP • Research Funds Value gained by the customer Value appropriation • Identify with larger community • Ego reward as part of development , education • Support for larger program Value gained by us • Influential surgeons asso...
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