Learning in business domain and new technology

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Unformatted text preview: Value shared by both: Shared learning in business domain and new technology Customer Segmentation Customer Business Dimension for Tier 4 - “Body Shoppers” Customer Dimension Description Products Individual resources to supplement existing project teams and fill skills gaps (transactional) Services • T&M and retained resources for fixed time durations • Provide specific technology development skills on projects Customer IBM Japan, NEC Channels • Direct • Consulting partners such as IBM End Users Corporations Complementors N/A Unique Competencies 1. 2. Consulting partnerships Technology skill differentiation Customer Segmentation Customer Value Proposition for Tier 4 - “Body Shoppers” Value Proposition Element Description Experiences Supplement team with individual resources and fill gaps with skill expertise Value Delivery Systems • Strong bench that can be tapped on demand • Mix of skills and expertise Value Appropriation • Value gained by customer: Resources of demand and skills on demand • Value gained by DMK: Opportunity to up-sell, learning, improved bonding • Value shared by both: Exchange of skills Synthes Synthes Segmentation According to Customer Behavior and Their Buying Practices Task #1: Customer Segmentation From the Customer Segmentation to From Strategic Agenda Value Proposition Bundle of Competencies System Lock-In Strategic Positioning Total Customer Solution Best Product 1 2 5 3 6 Mission Statement 4 Scope Customer Classification “From” Strategic Thrusts Customer Segment Tier 1: Exclusive Partner Tra Tier 2: Strategic/Integrated Partner Tier 3: Project Solution Seekers Tier 4: Body Shoppers “To” Trauma Service and Sterilization Department Staff OR Staff Synthes Surgeon Hospital Administration Patient Insurance Buyer Groups Who is our customer? Who makes the decisions for traumatology implants and instruments? Trauma Customer Segmentation Customer Tier Description (1) Professors & Opinion Leaders • Working at University Hospital, Teaching • High number of procedures • Active surgeon with own core specialty – Large segments of specialty within his/her influence • Respected among peers • Active in research & development – Publica...
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