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Of transportation china customer segmentation

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Unformatted text preview: on China Customer Segmentation Customer Business Dimension for Tier 1 - “Exclusive Partner” Customer Dimension Description Products Critical partner to client providing highly integrated, customer specific, highvalue added turnkey solutions for legacy mainframe applications in Japanese market Services 24x7 Maintenance of mission-critical mainframe legacy applications. Application extension through analysis, design and development of new, integrated modules. Customer Japanese Corporations in Financial Services, Insurance, etc. industries Channels Direct, Referrals from highly satisfied existing clients End Users Japanese Corporations, Japanese Government organizations Complementors IBM (as an h/2 and s/2 partner), existing clients, Accenture Unique Competencies 1. 2. Combination of deep knowledge of mainframe applications and deep understanding of Japanese culture (not available to other companies in China. Very high level of quality (only CMM level 5 and Six-Sigma company in China) combined with all the other cost advantages available to Chinese companies not available anywhere else in the world. Customer Segmentation Customer Value Proposition for Tier 1 - “Exclusive Partner” Value Proposition Element Description Experiences Seamless extension of Client team with integrated culture, skilled technologists with deep understanding of clients business. Value Delivery Systems • Dedicated client-focused team immersed in all aspects of client’s culture • Network integration to seamlessly extend client environment • Open communication of all relevant information on both sides • Executive sponsor, CEO oversight, an full corporate reach • CMM and Six-Sigma delivery methodologies for delivery • Value added reselling of hardware and software for one-stop-shopping Value Appropriation • Value gained by customer: Superior ROI, improved time-to-market, Security, Resource stability • Value gained by DMK: Exclusive long-term relationship, higher margins, predictable revenue • Value shared by both: Shared IP, shared learning, shared risk Customer Segmentation Customer Business Dimension for Tier 2 - “Strategic Partner” Customer Dimension Description Products Long-term relationship with client to provide customized and integrated solutions across multiple business units Services • T&M and Fixed price application development across multi-phase projects • Joint application development enabled through deep understanding of client cultur...
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