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Hire outstanding talent dev elop strong technical

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Unformatted text preview: trong technical design capabilities. 2 E xpand nationally lev eraging governm ent program s to dev elop global d eliv ery centers throughout China. 3 W o rk with exclusiv e channel partners to dev elop horizontal f ram eworks (portals, content/doc m anagem ent) and industry specific solution sets (energy, publishing, financial serv ices) for rapid d ev elopm ent. S olidify Core Markets 4 D om inate IBM m ainfram e outsourcing m arket in Japan through a ggressing sales and m arketing program s. 5 S trengthen strategic relationships (e.g. IBM, G E, Kawasaki, Unisys) t hrough deep custom er understanding/integration and continuous i m prov em ent. B uild US m arket 6 D ev elop strong direct-m arketing program to target the interm ediary serv ice prov ider channel. 7 A ctiv ely pursue US based Consulting/high-end IT Serv ice firm s to b ecom e their exclusiv e prov ider of design, dev elopm ent, & m aintenance serv ices 8 D ev elop an engagem ent program with processes to ensure long-term , successful integration of offshore DMK team with local serv ice firm . E xpand to other m arkets 9 E xpand to UK and test EU (Germ any, France, Italy) using an i nterm ediary partnership network sim ilar to US-strategy. 1 0 E nter and test the Latin Am erican m arket (Brazil, Mexico, Chille) also t hrough an interm ediary partnership network. CEO O rganizational Units 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 B Increase in UK market s h p artners/projects 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 B T argeted relationships/pr g eographies Strategic Agenda: Quality Tests Strategic Dimension Description Comprehensiveness The agenda extends across all of DMK’s services, geographies and market segments including customers, end users, channels and complementors Stretch Performance measures for each thrust provides achievable but stretch goals for the organization. Monitoring and Control Milestones established throughout the process allow for continuous monitoring and change in strategy if and as required. Motivation The mission combined with clear strategic thrust energizes the organization with a common set of goals and flexibility to innovate and grow. Vulnerability No material vulnerabilities have been identified at this time. Aligning execution with this strategic agenda will be critical to the success of DMK....
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