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existing product scope contd e e cosmetics skincare

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Unformatted text preview: C drugs Olestra and fat substitutes Pulp and Chemicals New Product Scope Full line of men’s personal care and cosmetics Laundry detergent with softener Laundry detergent with environmentally friendly packaging Coffee with sweetener and creamer The Mission of the Firm - The Case of P&G (cont’d.) Existing Market Scope -- - E + ++ -- - E + ++ Individual Consumers House wives Mothers of babies and young children Young women Men Fashion conscious Environmentally concerned Senior citizens Low income families Medium income families High income families Health care professionals for Prescription drugs Grocery wholesalers Warehouse distributors Conventional supermarkets Discount department stores Packagers and pulp & paper consumers New Market Scope Health care providers (and professionals) for OTC Drugs Whole clubs Discount drugstores Hypermarkets Health food outlets Specialty stores Aging baby boomers The Mission of the Firm - The Case of P&G (cont’d.) Existing Geographical Scope -- - E + ++ -- - E + ++ North America USA Canada EC Germany, France, and other Central Europe EC members Spain, Italy, and ot...
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