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Unformatted text preview: metic products (leveraging R&D) -- - E + ++ The Mission of the Firm - The Case of P&G (cont’d.) The Challenges from Changes in Product Scope Increase the environmental content in all products. Particularly emphasis should be placed in liquid and compact detergents Increase the breadth of the Food and Beverage segment, maintaining the distribution cha0nnels familiar to P&G. Divest non-profitable product lines Increase the breadth of the Personal Care segment, especially Men and full line of Feminine Cosmetics, strengthening the position of oral care, deodorant, and shampoos. Emphasize presence in Cosmetics, particularly perfumes and fragrances. Increase the breadth of OTC drugs, as they share many of the channels and consumers with other P&G products. Growing and fragmented market. Divest prescription drugs ventures. Few very large competitors and different channels. Develop a full line of Men Personal Care and Cosmetics Increase the environmental friendliness and recyclability of packaging of all p...
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