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Anticipate and create needs for the aging baby boom

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Unformatted text preview: t’d.) The Challenges from Changes in Geographical Scope Continue promoting the U.S. home-base market. Strengthen the overall position in the newly formed EC market, particularly in Spain, Italy, and other southern European countries. Introduce basic low-end affordable products in Eastern European markets opening to western products. Strengthen breadth of products marketed in Japan. Improve competitiveness versus KAO Corporation. Penetrate aggressively in the Mercosur common market as well as Mexico. Introduce basic low-end products in China and CIS. Necessity to truly understand the differences between different geographical areas and the evolution of tastes in time, but without losing the economies of being the worldwide volume leader. Special attention to the very unfamiliar Asian markets. Challenges from Changes in Unique Competencies Maintain the highest levels of R&D in the different industries, attracting the best researchers in the world, with maximum interest in environmentally sound products and packages, OTC drugs, and cosmetics. Increase at the maximum level the knowledge of local markets, focusing in the customer and linking the findings wi...
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