Develop a full line of men personal care and

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Unformatted text preview: roducts. Develop “combined” food products like coffee with creamer and/or sweetener. Develop “combined” detergent and softener products. Develop premeasured detergent in soluble packaging. Develop biodegradable diapers. Challenges from Changes in Market Scope Continue assigning top priority to housewives as the primary purchaser of our products, while also targeting mothers with young children and young women. Increase the market share in Men’s Personal Care and Cosmetics. Explore specialty stores for prestige cosmetic products. Explore health food channel for specialized food and environmentally safe products. Target high income families for high margin products. Increase the awareness of OTC products to health care professionals as a vehicle for first time users (considering the effect of prescription drugs divestment) Develop a strong position in the growing hypermarket, wholesale clubs, and discount drugstore channels. Anticipate and create needs for the aging baby-boom generation (USA). The Mission of the Firm - The Case of P&G (con...
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