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Unformatted text preview: relationships with other cultures based on geographic expansions 3. Develop strength in technical design and knowledge of specific business domains for solutions development Product Scope Unique Competencies 1. Horizontal Application frameworks such as Portal toolkits, Content Management toolkits, etc. 2. Solutions frameworks such as wealth management solutions for financial services, employee portals as HR solutions, etc. that leverage competencies/expertise of strategic and exclusive partners The Mission of the Firm: The The Case of Synthes Putting it all Together Task #3: Synthes Mission The Mission of Trauma EU The Now Future Product Scope Leader in Plate Osteosynthesis (LCP etc.) Service Scope Responsive supplier Service oriented logistic of trauma products organisation (24h, 7 days a week) Customized communication Compatible with e-commerce platforms platforms To be the preferred development partner of any leading surgeon Leader in Plates, Hip, IM Nailing, Fix Ex and Biomaterials; Leader in complete Hand & Leader Foot solutions The Mission of Trauma EU The Now Customer Scope Scope Professors and opinion leaders opinion Trauma surgeons Targeting surgeons Surgeon Future - Professors and opinions leaders, - servicing high-volume non-users, - bonding with young high potentials, - address needs of buyers groups groups Targeting general Trauma Surgeons Targeting and Spets in all countries Targeting all indirect decision makers Hosp. Admin. ORP Surgeon Tech....
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