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Unformatted text preview: th the R&D organization. Transition from multinational organization to a transnational one. Develop alliances for distribution in countries without P&G presence. Become cost leaders in the detergent and cosmetic product lines. Develop and promote a corporate imagine of environmentally safe products and processes by applying technology to biodegradable products and packages. The Mission of the Firm - The Case of P&G (cont’d.) The Mission Statement P&G is devoted to providing products of superior quality and value to the world’s consumers based on the traditional principles of integrity and doing the right thing. P&G is to be recognized as the world leader in providing consumers everywhere with cleaning, personal care, medicinal, and food products. Its purpose is achieved through an organization and working environment able to attract the most qualified individuals. P&G is committed to preserving the environment, in its production processes and its products and packaging. By establishing and maintaining leadership position all markets, P&G provides its s...
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