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Unformatted text preview: ge of business is non-English and where cost of IT services is higher than China. (Indian firms do not have language advantage while China-based firms have significant cost advantage.) Service Scope Lower end of software services value chain: Application development, system integration, system conversion/migration, maintenance and support Technology base such as J2EE framework, Microsoft.NET framework, etc. for rapid code development Integrated service that captures the entire value chain through strong collaboration with complementors at the high-end of the software services value chain 1. High maturity in Software development process First company to obtain SEI CMM level 5 certification in China. 2. Six-Sigma certified project and operations managers to ensure data-driven analysis and predictability. 3. Low cost of China-based delivery 4. Japanese language and cultural strength 1. Ability to build teams that can integrate seamlessly to form extensions of other service organizations 2. Develop familiarity and comfort in business/professional...
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