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Unformatted text preview: t outcomes enabling z utilize the proven AO philosophy to become the undisputed leader in education leader The Mission of CMF The Now Product Scope Service Scope Service Maintain market leadership through a leadership portfolio of high quality products that satisfy the surgeon’s and surgeon patient’s needs. patient Highest service levels, highest technical knowledge, most knowledge, present company in our market. Future We will remain the leader in our base market – our craniomaxillofacial plating & bone graft substitutes through continued improvements to our existing product line. Highly organized package of Highly the existing services scope the according to customer segmentation tier. The Mission of CMF The Now Customer Scope Scope Channel Channel Scope Scope The Surgeon. Philosophy: to give each customer fivestar service. Future A discriminating segmentation of the surgeon customer, with strategies to address the key motivations and needs of each tier. tier. A lack of a segmented A comprehensive and and integrated mix of discriminating mix of channels multiple channels....
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