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Unformatted text preview: need more, particularly of first particularly The Mission of Spine Worldwide The Now Future Complementor Complementor Scope No focus on patients patients Set up information platform for specific products (e.g. Non-fusion) Hospital End-user Scope Patient & Hospital, more patient information, more individual hospital contracts hospital AO-like organisation & cooperation with different new technology companies AO (with no real dedication to Spine) Spine) Medical Societies + Same + Technical Partners + “New MTF + SUSA/SMF AO” MTF AO The Mission of Spine Worldwide The Now Geographical Scope Unique Competencies Competencies Half Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America America Product Product Development, Development, education within AO Technical Training, Internal and External External Future Add rest of world according to business opportunities Increase frequency of market Increase introductions Seen as Spine Company, Unique organization to work with The Mission of Spine Worldwide The The mission of Synthes Spine is to become the number 1 provider of treatment options for all spinal diseases and provider fractures. To achieve this we will: fractures. z continue to provide perfect solutions to our surgeons enabling superior patien...
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