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Countries targeting all indirect decision makers hosp

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Unformatted text preview: Service SSD The Mission of Trauma EU The Now Channel Scope Own direct sales organisation and organisation distributors End-user Scope End Complementor Scope AO oriented Geographical Scope Scope Europe Future Direct selling to general trauma and speciality surgeons Provide information material for Provide patients, where appropriate patients, (Osteotomies, Hand, Foot etc. Build partnerships with - AOAA, ADI, ARI, - Biotech companies, - CAS platforms, - E-business standards and platforms, platforms, - stakeholders within hospital Global (WEU, LAT, Asia) Global The Mission of Trauma EU The Now Unique Competencies Future Offering a complete range of patented, high quality trauma products Offer unique solutions developed by highly skilled engineers and marketed by 100% service oriented people. High quality operations organisation FDA compliant processes and products and harmonized highest quality standards worldwide Logistical Excellence The Mission of Trauma EU The From being No 1 (the largest supplier of trauma implants and instruments to the EU and LAT) to be the undisputable and global LEADER in Traumatology with focus on WEU, LAT, ASIA ASIA z by creating unique solutions for patients, doctors, hospitals and insurances; hospitals z carried by empowered, passionate and experienced people, who take ownership and who are outstanding in their expertise and long-term relationship with key customers and the AO foundation z supported by a market driven organisation, outsta...
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